In the area of the DO Valdeorras the climate is dryer than in the rest of Galicia, and the Atlantic influence mixes with features of the continental. It is a climate ideal for first quality dry wines.


The areas of production take up a large portion of the basins of the Sil, Xares and Bibei rivers. The average temperature sits around the 11 ºC and the ratio of rainfall sits around the 850 and 1.000 mm annually.


The soils are varied, from slaty, shallow soils, to granite soils more rich in sand, up to the ones that sit over sediments and terraces, where the boulders are abundant. In this diversity of soils one can appreciate, basically, two mono-varietal wines. The most emblematic one, the Godello white, has a delicate fruity aroma, a yellow, golden or straw yellow colour, and a good structure in the mouth, with an alcoholic graduation of 12.5º. Among the red wines stand out the ones elaborated with Mencía, which have a deep purple colour and an elegant fruity aroma. They are light and tasty, and have a good alcohol-acidity balance with an intense and long-standing aftertaste.


The variety of authorized lineages is the following. For the white wines, with preference, the Godello, and also, Dona Branca and Palomino. For the red wines, with preference, the Mencía and the Sousón, but also Brancellao, Merenzao or María Ardoña, Negreda, Garnacha, Tintorera, Alicante, Tempranillo and Grao Negro.